Emergency Services

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 Have an Emergency? Call 911!

Emergency calls are handled by the province-wide Sask911 service. When you call 911 you will be connected to a call center to determine the nature of your emergency. The call will then be forwarded to police, fire, or emergency dispatch. Be prepared to provide as much information as possible when you call 911.

Qu'Appelle Fire & Rescue
Qu'Appelle Fire & Rescue: 911


Other Emergency Services Nearby

The following health and emergency services are available nearby. Again, if you have an emergency, contact 911 immediately. 


  •  Indian Head Ambulance Services: 306-695-2191
In an Emergency: 911
EMO Planning

Disasters or major emergencies can present unique challenges for residents of a small community, like Qu’Appelle. The effective exchange of emergency information and training with all communities in and around the Town of Qu’Appelle, and more importantly those impacted directly by the event is critical to the success of the response for First Responders and the well-being of residents.

Planning for this exchange of emergency information between all responders, residents, businesses, media, and government agencies greatly increases the chances of an effective response and organized recovery from the emergency event.

As a resident, knowledge is your best protection in an emergency. Knowing what to do in an emergency will help you to better control the situation and recover faster. Public Safety Canada provides reference pages where you can find valuable information for yourself and your family to begin developing your own Emergency Plan.

Make a Plan

Get an Emergency Kit

Know the Risks

Regional Hazards - Saskatchewan

Power Outages

Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls

Flood Ready


For more valuable information on emergency planning in our region, visit the Calling Lakes EMO