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May 2016
  S M T W T F S  


    Qu'Appelle's Immaculate Conception parish is one of the oldest in the Regina archdiocese.  It was officially begun in 1906 but was offered in 1886 in a church that resides on Walsh Street though now it is used a private dwelling.  The church grew as different settlers moved into the region.  There were French Canadians from Quebec, then Germans from Eastern Europe and finally the Irish joined the party.  The priest was needed to speak a variety of languages for the entire congregation to understand him.  

    The present brick building on Main Street was built in 1906 and finished early the next year.  Built for at a cost of $10,000, it can seat up to 225.  The service of consecration took place on November 27, 1907. It was performed by Archbishop Langevin in English and French then Rev. Father Woodcutter spoke briefly in German.  The first parish priest was Father Benoit.  

    Today the effective leadership of the church board is very necessary to promote the growth and keep the interest of the groups that work behind the scenes in this very busy parish church.

All information taken from "Qu'Appelle: Footprints to Progress".